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4 Security Steps To Take When You Have French Doors Installed In Your Homes

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French doors are beautiful and allow you to blend the outside of your home with the inside of your home. The one downside to French doors, for many homeowners, is their perceived security risk. Here are four ways you can ensure that the French doors installed in your home are both beautiful and secure at the same time. 

#1 Use Laminated Glass

Instead of using the regular glass that most French doors come with, have the glass in your French doors switched out for laminated glass. Laminated glass contains multiple layers of glass that have sheets of laminate between them. Even if someone tries to break through laminated glass, it does not shatter; it stays together. 

#2 Install The Window Panes From The Inside

Next, when the window panes are installed, have them installed from the side that will be inside your home. By doing this, you will keep all exposed putty that is holding the glass in place inside of your home; there would be no putty on the glass outside of your home. That means that someone would not be able to scrape off the putty holding the glass in place and gain access to your home from the outside.

#3 Apply Window Film Inside

Then, take some window film and apply it to the inside of the glass. You can apply clear window film that you can see through, or you can apply tinted window film to give your French doors a decorative feel. Applying window film will help keep the glass together if someone tries to break it from the outside.

#4 Place Hinges On The Inside

When installing your French doors, ask that the hinges be placed on the inside of your home instead of outside of your home. Place the hinges so they face inward as well. By placing your hinges inside your home, a potential intruder will not be able to remove your hinges and remove your French doors in order to gain entry to your home. 

#5 Install Double Deadbolt Locks

Finally, install double deadbolt locks on your doors for added security. A double deadbolt lock requires a key to be opened from both the inside and outside of your home. A double deadbolt is generally more secure than a single deadbolt, which only requires a key on the outside and can be opened with a handle or lever inside the home. Make sure the deadbolt is long, and extends a few inches into your door jam for extra security.

By taking the five security steps above, you should be able to enjoy French doors in your home while maintaining your sense of security. For more information, contact Southern Specialty Corporation or a similar company.