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Automatic Door Installation Options

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Installing an automatic door can completely revolutionize your business. An automatic door makes your business look more modern, and it also makes it more accessible to people with disabilities. This can widen your client base, especially if the competition is still stuck in the days of pushing and pulling their doors open.

There are different types of automatic doors that you can choose. The available choices will also vary depending on the automatic door installation and repair company you're hiring, such as Access Door & Glass Inc.

Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are common in commercial spaces, hotels, office buildings, and other business that prioritize the convenience of their clients. These types of doors usually have a mechanism that slides two doors in opposite directions. This leaves a large gap for several guests to pass through.

Sliding doors work well where there's two-way traffic. The design is also aesthetically clean, making it a good choice for different types of buildings. They can come with additional features such all glass designs and hurricane resistance.

Swinging Doors

Swinging doors close and open on a traditional hinge. They can open inward or outward. The main advantage of this design is its versatility. You can start with a regular door and convert it into an automatic door later.

You can choose materials that are heavy duty and are more effective in keep hot or cool air in. You can also add a range of safety features to such a door.

Folding Doors

Folding doors are a popular option where there's limited space. The door is essentially divided into two different panels, and one glides over while the other swings. This type of door allows you to create a larger point of entry in an area with limited space where a swinging door won't work or where a sliding door would be hindered by the walls.

Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors have three or four doors which hang from a single shaft in the middle. They have sensors that turn the doors automatically, but they may also have a button to slow down the doors. These types of doors can effectively cut down the loss of heat or cool air from your building.

Automatic Door Operations

Apart from the mechanism used by the door, automatic doors can also be operated in a number of ways. Some have sensors that open the door without any action, while others will require the user to push a button to open the door.